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Notice on Optimizing Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures 



As Covid-19 is still plaguing the world with new variants, China is facing a challenging situation with sporadic cases in many cities. In line with the 20 measures to optimize epidemic prevention and control work recently released, to contain the epidemic with more targeted efforts and with an aim to protect people’s safety and health and to minimize the impact of the epidemic on economy, the notice on optimizing epidemic prevention and control measures is issued as follows:


1. Please report personal traveling information timely. Those who have recently lived in or travelled to high or low risk areas, or have returned to Nanjing after being released from quarantine, or came from other provinces shall report in advance their information to their work units, communities or hotels through the Information Declaration System for Those Who Came or Returned to Nanjing. They shall cooperate with relevant health management measures.


2. Testing upon Arrival for interprovincial travelers is to be implemented strictly. People traveling from other provinces shall take nucleic acid tests upon arrival as soon as possible after they arrive Nanjing and need to take one nucleic acid test each day for 3 days. One should stay at home, not go to crowded spaces, avoid gatherings and taking public transportation until the testing results are available. Hotels, and other accommodation places shall strictly check whether their clients coming from other provinces have followed the above-mentioned nucleic acid test requirement and report any abnormality to the district epidemic prevention and control headquarter. People who fail to do nucleic acid testing as required will receive text messages as alerts and their health code will turn yellow. 


3. Optimize and adjust nucleic acid testing and certificates-checking mechanism. During the regular epidemic prevention and control period, nucleic acid testing will be carried out for various key groups according to regulations. Negative nucleic acid test certificates within 72 hours should be checked in hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions, and certificates within 48 hours will be needed for a passenger who takes planes, high-speed railways, trains, interprovincial coaches or ships. But transportation units, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions may not check the negative nucleic acid test certificate for special groups such as infants under 3 years old. In the event of a local outbreak, regional nucleic acid testing and alerting nucleic acid screening should be carried out within a certain range. Nucleic acid testing programs and nucleic acid testing certificates checking mechanism in public places, subways and public buses shall be issued by epidemic prevention and control agencies at all levels. Residents in low-risk areas must obtain negative nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours when leaving Nanjing.


4. Optimize the prevention and control measures in key sites. All kinds of public places in Nanjing shall strictly implement temperature measuring, code checking (Jiangsu Health Code, itinerary record), masks wearing and other prevention and control measures. Theaters, tourist attractions and other public entertainment venues shall strictly implement the prevention and control requirements of “flow controlling, tickets booking, and staggered visiting”, and strictly control the instantaneous flow. When taking metros, buses, taxis and seeking ride-hailing services, personal protection should be taken, and prevention and control measures such as masks wearing and code checking should be strictly implemented.


5. Continue to strengthen the application management of venue code. In all kinds of public places, enterprises and institutions, the venue code shall be posted conspicuously at the entrance, and people shall voluntarily scan the code before entry. Specially-assigned staff should carefully check “scan-and-enter” procedure in all places, so as to ensure that everyone who enters have scanned, and each scanning must be checked with no one missed. Places that do not fully implement related measures shall not be allowed to open and operate.


6. Optimize medical services. The operation of fever clinics in medical institutions shall be standardized. Systems such as pre-examination and triage and time-specific diagnosis and treatment shall be implemented so as to provide convenience to patients seeking medical treatment. The first-diagnosis responsibility system and the acute and severe disease rescue system shall be strictly implemented to effectively meet the medical needs of residents. Patients with acute and severe diseases shall be not denied by hospitals for any reason.


7. Optimize services for key groups. Districts with high- or low-risk areas should ensure services for people in the closed and controlled management area, prioritize the support for special groups such as the elderly, patients with underlying diseases, pregnant women, and hemodialysis patients, and establish a green channel for their medical needs. Institutions such as nursing homes and welfare homes should strengthen prevention and control measures such as entrance and exit management, health monitoring, ventilation and disinfection. In districts with local outbreaks where the positive cases have social activity tracks, the above-mentioned places shall be under closed-off management.


8. Optimize the vaccination service. Citizens, especially the elderly are encouraged to take vaccines. Citizens who have been vaccinated with the new coronavirus vaccine but have not completed the full vaccination or booster vaccination should complete the full vaccination or booster vaccination as soon as possible after the interval expires so as to enhance the immune effect.


We call on all the citizens to continue good habits such as “wearing masks, washing hands frequently, ventilating frequently, and keeping one-meter spacing in line”, cancel unnecessary visits to risk areas or areas with local outbreaks, and voluntarily follow relevant requirements for epidemic prevention. If you have fever, dry cough, sore throat and other uncomfortable symptoms, please go to the nearest fever clinic immediately, wear a mask throughout, and avoid taking public transportation.


This notice shall come into effect on the date of promulgation. The above prevention and control measures will be dynamically adjusted according to the epidemic situation and the needs of prevention and control.


Nanjing COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters


November 17th 2022

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